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Jimmy Harris leaning on post

Jimmy Harris is a singer/ songwriter from Kansas City Missouri whose influences range from Johnny Cash and Hank to Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Blackberry Smoke. He's been playing live in various venues in and around Kansas City since he was 13 years old. Jimmy’s very deep musical roots began with a father who traveled with many classic rock bands, and a grandfather that played jazz out five nights a week. Jimmy is currently an unsigned solo artist, keeping the tradition alive, telling stories with a melody for anyone that wants to listen. Jimmy is currently in Nashville recording his EP.

    “There is, in fact, a song for everybody if you really think about it. That’s what inspires me to write. The thought that with every story I put into words, someone listening is relating my story to theirs and making a personal connection with something as simple as a thought”—that’s making a connection. “Taking my thought of a situation, that they might not have known how to put into words, and making the connection that they have experienced a similar situation in their life.”

“A performance is just that”—performing for the crowd. “A great performance is an experience that everyone wants to be a part of. I enjoy seeing people light up in excitement and in deep thought as they try to visualize a song. It’s not about any one person in a performance, it’s about how the lyrics roll off of my tongue in such a way that inspires everyone around me, whether they’re singing along in the crowd, or shouting the words at the top of their lungs.”

“A passion for something, is the key to everything, regardless of what you say, do, or think. As long as the passion is behind it, you’re bound to see it through.”

“We all have a story, some just tell them in different ways.

There is, a song for everybody. What’s yours?”

​​​​​​​-Jimmy Harris

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