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 The Willie Bus 
Willie Nelson bus

         The Jimmy Harris Band is the current owner of Willie Nelson's second tour bus, a 1990 Eagle Model 15. This bus is one of five busses custom built by Florida Coach and custom painted by Rainmaker under the "Honeysuckle Rose" name, this one being the "Honeysuckle Rose II". The first of the fleet built was a 1983 Eagle that Willie used for seven solid years before the bus was retired due to an incident with an embankment in Nova Scotia, Canada totaling the bus in 1990. In dire need to get back out "on the road again" Florida Coach was able to salvage most of the interior into a 1990 Eagle Model 15, Willie Nelson toured heavily in this bus from 1990-1996 traveling several hundred thousand miles in that short time; despite the IRS troubles fighting him for the first three of those six years. After a weathered six years on the road Willie decided to upgrade coaches by choice this time to a 1996 Prevost, transferring the interior for a third and final time into the "Honeysuckle Rose III" that is currently the residing road home of Willie's son Lukas Nelson. Willie rode this bus into the 2000's using this bus from 1996-2005 before upgrading to an entirely new style bus with a new custom built interior by Florida Coach, a 2005 Prevost that logged over 800,000 miles before retiring it and upgrading; yet again, the fifth and final time to a 2014 Prevost that Willie Nelson currently resides in on the road today. 

"Honeysuckle Rose II"
Its Wild Journey

Bus At G and C
Broken Willie Nelson bus.
Working on Willie Nelson bus.

          After retiring this bus in 1996 this bus was left interior less at the facilities of Florida Coach and up for sale. Purchasing this bus none other than a wealthy doctor who wanted it as a bus that can haul many of his friends. The talented designers at Florida Coach and Rainmaker decided to build it back with only 3 bunks and 2 large lounges and a half bath. After touching up the paint from its 6 year run it was ready for action yet again; coming back to Rainmaker only months later in need of more touch up work caused by inexperience and some not so wide turns made where one should have made some! None the less, this bus was sold yet again to a family up north with intensions of using it as a family RV un aware of its history. Sitting for well over 10 years at this point being used very little and very inconsistently. Sitting off the side of a northern highway it struck the interest of a truck driver named Joe who just had to have it. After several trips by the bus he stopped in and made a purchase in 2017 only to find it under used and sitting as it was previously. The Jimmy Harris Band in accomplice with the Cactus Shack found this bus in Pennsylvania and jumped on the idea of putting it back to work in its former glory. The following weekend they loaded up a rental car and blazed the trail from Kansas City, wasting no time. Checked the fluids on the bus that's been sitting dormant for nearly 5 years and hit the road. Dropping the rental car in Hagerstown MD. Jimmy's father Neil drove fearlessly through the evening and into the night. Stopping a truck stop in Wheeling OH. for fuel to find the coolant is running out of the radiator faster than we can put it in. With several Macgyver minds at work and last resort efforts in play we hopingly tried several fixes in a bottle in attempt to slow the leak, filling with 7 gallons of water and hitting the road again. Making it another hour and a half to the nearest Hampton Inn of Columbus OH., checking into room 420 for a good nights rest for the knowingly strenuous trip ahead. Hitting the road the following morning with antifreeze running out a large hole in the rotten radiator making it yet another hour and a half to try more fix in a bottle and 5 gallons of water this time and consistently stopping to add more water and fix in a bottle making it all the way back to theist side of St. Louis MO. before nearly losing hope as the radiator leak had gotten much worse throughout the coarse of the trip. With no signs of help in sight, no options left, and the sun falling fast we refilled the radiator yet again and packed 15 gallons of water inside the bus for when we need it. We headed for home with the hammer down stopping each hour this time before rolling into Lee's Summit MO. long passed nightfall riding on hopes and prayers. Thankful we made it after all of the trouble of the trip the bus is safe, sound, and ready for the road yet again and the new adventures it will hold!

Bringing home Willie nelson bus.

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